Search Warrant (Form 26)


plaintiff                                Criminal Case No.

-versus –       for: A & B

Accused (State nature of the offense)




It appearing to the satisfaction of the undersigned after examining under oath (name of applicant) and his witnesses (name of witness) that there is probable cause to believe that (describe the act charged) has been committed or is about to be committed and that there are good and sufficient reason to believe that (name of person or persons to be searched) has in his Possession Or Control in (describe premises in (name of street), district Of ————————, (name property subject of the offense- or stolen or embezzled and other proceeds or fruits of the offense; or used or intended to be used as the means of committing an offense) which should be seized and brought to the undersigned. (Cancel description not applicable.)

You are hereby commanded to make an immediate search at any time in the day (or night) of the premises above described and forthwith seize and take possession of the following personal Property, to wit: (give a complete and detailed description of the property to be seized) and bring said property to the undersigned to be dealt with as the law directs.

Witness my hand this —— day of ————— , 19 ———.

——————— , Judge

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nelvin lombao November 19, 2011 at 9:31 pm

please advice me ,,,,and i need legal counseling tnx poh


khriz February 11, 2012 at 4:17 pm

i would like to know how this process is to be able to get a search and warrant. and how the procedure with go. thanks.


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